Super Power Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast is vital. Full stop. In fact, I think it is THE most important meal of the day, but it could be that that is just because I love my breakfast so much that I would sacrifice all my other meals over it if I had too!

Some people say that they don’t feel much hunger in the mornings. If this is the case, it may be due to a long term habit of skipping breakfast, or not taking time to acknowledge the hunger if you are in a rush, but it may also be because of some sort of congestion in the GIT or liver. Generally, when everything s ticking along well, there should be hunger in the mornings.

Have you ever heard the old saying ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant and dinner like a pauper?’ To increase vitality throughout the day, and allow your body to properly rest and digest over night, I think this is a pretty good tip.

breakfast is needed to kick start the metabolism and stimulate digestive processes and give the body and brain the fuel it needs after the overnight fast. Breakfast should contain a mix of carbohydrates, good quality essential fatty acids and proteins in order to stabilise blood sugar levels, and keep you satisfied for at least several hours.

Skipping breakfast altogether results in hypoglycaemia (amongst other things). Symptoms can include fatigue, difficulty, getting out of bed, mild headaches, dizziness, poor concentration, or a fervent need for a strong coffee! How we start our day can set up the rest of the day - so begin well, and then you are already off to such a flying start!

These bowls can be made the night before, to save time in the morning, and are easily transportable if made in tupperware.

Breakfast Power Bowls


- 1/2 cup organic oats (or cooked quinoa if avoiding gluten).

- 2 tbls chia seeds

- 1/2 tsp raw cacao

- 1 big tsp ground flaxseed (linseed)

- water to mix

- handful of organic berries, fresh or frozen

- 1/2 piece other seasonal fruit

- 1 tbls raw pumpkin seeds

- 4 brazil nuts, roughly chopped

- 6 walnuts, roughly chopped

- 1 tblsp tahini


- Combine oats or quinoa, chia seeds and cacao in a bowl. Add in enough water so that the mix is loose and well combined, kind of like a bircher muesli style consistency.

- Top withe the berries and fruit, seeds, nuts & drizzle tahini over the whole lot.

-Dig in!


Because it gives you A LOT of essential minerals and nutrients for energy and hormone production such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, essential fatty acids, most of the vitamin B’s, and antioxidants. It also provides you with plenty of protein from the combination of the nuts, seeds and oats, and fats from the nuts and seeds, as well as fibre from the oats, chia seeds and fruit, so you should last at least a few hours before feeling the urge for a snack.

By Georgina Duncan (BHSc. Naturopathy).

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